SupaTrak 5 – Overview Training


SupaTrak 5 is now available for all system users.

Our mission was clear from the start: Provide our customers with a modern, user-friendly, and highly optimised application that takes your experience to the next level!

This is no ordinary update – it is a complete rewrite from the ground up of our web-based software application. However, the system has been designed to be familiar.

The purpose of this training is to provide all existing users with an overview of the new application. 


60 minutes. 

What does the course cover?

Real-time Asset Monitoring

  • Asset location and other real-time information that is available
  • Google maps functionality 
  • Map views 
  • Map settings - Traffic etc
  • Address search option 
  • Area search functionality 
  • Find your nearest vehicle option 
  • Create and amend ring fences and points of interests (POI)
  • Filter the map by 'Circuits' 
  • Vehicle status symbols 
  • Driver identification 
  • Daily asset summary view 

Asset History and Reporting

  • Discuss the different types of 'History' option available 
  • Demonstrate how to run a 'ping list' history  
  • Explain Snap to Road and Trail Driver Behaviour Alerts
  • Highlight the systems 'History' tools, including the hide map and export options
  • Report categories overview
  • How to run a report to screen and export this
  • Report scheduling 
  • Dashboard creation, settings and amendments


  • Remote tachograph and driver card download schedules and files 
  • TachoLive integration into the 'Map' section, including the driver status symbols and find nearest functionality
  • TachoLive integration into the 'History' section
  • System alerts relating to TachoLive 
  • Recommended TachoLive reports 

Connected Camera Solution

  • Live streaming
  • Connected Camera Solution integration into the 'Area Search' functionality
  • Download and view historic footage
  • Camera alerts and health check functionality
  • Connected Camera Solution integration into the 'History' section 
  • Crash Reconstruction Feature, where applicable

Live online events

  • 11 December
    1 hour, 10:00 AM GMT - 11:00 AM GMT
    • Free
  • 19 December
    1 hour, 03:00 PM GMT - 04:00 PM GMT
    • Free
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