Drive down costs
Stay compliant
Increase operational efficiency

Driver Behaviour

Reduce accidents, improve MPG, ensure compliance

Track and Trace

Maximise vehicle utilisation and ensure compliance

Tacho Live

Real-time driver hours.
Remote vehicle download

Connected Camera

Live all-round cameras
and crash reconstruction video


Optimised Waste & Logistics

Connected Navigation

Single in-cab solutions for vehicle telematics, connected navigation and mobile workforce management

System user training, driver eco-coaching and e-learning

Getting the most out of our software. Coaching to improve driving standards. E-learning driven by driver infringements – all tailored to you.


Factory-installed real-time fault alerts to maximise uptime

Connected Weighing

Real time weighing data to help you optimise loads and stay compliant

At CMS SupaTrak we understand the pressures fleet managers face. Not only can we help you cut costs we can help manage your risk, ensure vehicle and driver compliance and improve the efficiency of your fleet.

Our fleet management and telematics systems are designed and built in-house, here in the UK, tailored to your individual needs and budget. So when you call customer support, you’ll be talking to the people who actually designed and built it.

Nobody knows the kit better.