Original Equipment Manufacturer

CMS SupaTrak can provide a bespoke factory-fit telematics solution suited to the exact needs of Original Equipment Manufacturers, which will add significant value to your product suite.

CMS SupaTrak tailors vehicle hardware and cloud- based web portals to the OEM’s exact requirements. It enables the organisation to monitor and transmit propriety CAN bus data from its vehicles, including diagnostic error codes. This allows the OEM to create a diagnostic error code knowledge base, offering full transparency about asset performance.

The OEM solution provides customer upsell options. These include integrated safety systems such as live camera systems, allowing OEMs to deliver one-stop solutions to customers while generating additional revenue and removing the difficulty of post- production fit by third-party suppliers.

“CMS work very closely with us and are a very good partner. They have developed Dennis Connect so that it is really well differentiated from CMS products, and the Dennis Connect tradename is well established now, which is very important to us, as we’re the only manufacturer that has made that investment. We’ve seen a massive improvement in first time fix, from 67% to 84%, and our customers have responded very positively.”

Geoff Rigg, Aftermarket Director – Dennis Eagle