Maximise vehicle uptime with our factory-installed real-time fault alerts. Then brand our software as your own, and offer your customers a range of useful extra options.

With CMS technology, you can hugely improve your fault diagnostics and first-time fix rates, cutting down on the various headaches that vehicle downtime brings.

With hardware installed during vehicle production, our software is developed with your engineers to work with your specific vehicles and allow you to cross-reference faults to your in-house knowledge base.

The software can be used to diagnose vehicle faults remotely and in real time. The system monitors key vehicle components such as engine, drivetrain, hydraulic and electrical systems and automatically alerts you to faults by text or email.

So you can remotely identify the parts likely to be needed and send the closest and most appropriate engineer, so vastly improving your first-time fix rates and reducing your maintenance costs.

Earn from CMS software

Once our hardware is installed you have the option of using our software, branded as your own, to offer your customers valuable additional product upgrades, including vehicle tracking down to street level, rounds analysis and planning, remote pressure adjustments and much more.

See video below for how Dennis Eagle use CMS software in their waste collection vehicles.