Tacho Live

Say goodbye to hours spent downloading tachograph data.

Say hello to live real-time driver hours.

Our software makes visiting vehicles to download tachograph data a thing of the past. Instead, our system allows you to schedule remote download of the driver card and VU header unit. It also has a clever bit of technology with a live-link to send tachograph data to the Aquarius Tachograph Rules Engine which gives you real-time driver hours and potential infringements live on screen.

This means you can maximise driver hours, manage infringements as they happen and cut through the data to spot poor driving behaviour helping you to identify the drivers who most need your attention.

Because our system works in real time, it eliminates the need to physically visit vehicles to download tachograph data, saving you hours of work every week.

It’s great for planning too. The rolling tacho information allows you to see when you can fit in another run, or whether a driver has enough hours for an extra job. And of course, once you’re able to maximise driver hours, you’re able to drive up efficiencies too.

Tacho live
Real-time driver hours
Real-time infringements
Aquarius rules engine
Remote driver card download
Remote VU header download
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