OWL – Optimised Waste & Logistics

Driving improvements in road safety
Helping operators improve compliance
Reducing fuel and C02 emissions
Assisting you in reducing your costs
Helping to improve air quality with mobile monitoring technology

CMS SupaTrak manage the Optimised Waste & Logistics partnership, known as OWL, and run the OWL events programme.  OWL is a non-profit making organisation* and also raises money for good causes.

OWL brings together suppliers from the waste, transport and logistics industries to develop products and services that are truly integrated.  As individual organisations OWL partners are specialists in their field and already successfully supply stand-alone products. By working in partnership with each other, and with professional organisations such as FORS, CILT, CIWM and Aquarius, OWL is leading the way in both the development of fully-integrated solutions and driving up standards of safety and compliance.

OWL’s Mission Statement

To optimise opportunities to reduce the impact of waste on the environment locally, nationally and globally.

Expert Endorsement

Barry Sheerman MP Chairman of OWL

Barry Sheerman MP

Barry Sheerman, MP is Chairman of OWL.  Barry has a long career working in road safety and currently chairs the Global Network for Road Safety Legislators and is Chairman of the UK’s Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety.

Clean Air Project

Raising awareness of air quality issues and how these may be monitored is now a focus for the OWL (Optimised Waste and Logistics) Partnership.

Air pollution is now a major health threat and most councils have declared AQMAs (Defra’s air quality monitoring areas). OWL has expanded its focus for 2019 to incorporate air quality monitoring on its agenda of developing an integrated approach to transport safety, compliance, and sustainability.

CMS SupaTrak, which runs the OWL initiative on behalf of its partners, has teamed up with EarthSense to create a mobile air monitoring system that fixes to vehicles and identifies areas of high pollution. MD Jason Airey said: ‘According to the WHO, around a million UK citizens will die from air pollution-related disease by 2040 if existing Government policies are followed. We believe that the first step to demonstrable improvements is robust monitoring and by working closely with our waste sector customers, and leading vehicle OEMs, waste vehicles can be multi-purposed to include air quality monitoring devices.’

OWL chair Barry Sheerman MP, who is also the chair of the Leadership Council of the Global Network for Road Safety Legislators and the UK’s Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety, said: ‘OWL is committed to developing an integrated approach to air quality, transport safety, and sustainability, and multi-purposing commercial fleet vehicles to measure key environmental parameters will set an important standard in the world of transport and logistics.’

The OWL initiative is regarded as instrumental in driving up standards of safety and compliance and regular roadshows around the country bring together public and private sector organisations.

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OWL Raising Money for Good Causes

OWL is a non-profit making organisation and raises money for good causes.

So far £10,000 has been raised for the Dominic Rodgers Trust an organisation that is saving lives by promoting awareness of carbon monoxide.

* Optmised Waste & Logistics is a company limited by guarantee, ref:10030718