Who We Are

CMS SupaTrak helps customers achieve the full potential of telematics solutions, enabling them to reduce costs, stay compliant, and reduce their environmental impact. Our solutions fully integrate onboard vehicle systems by delivering a single point of access via our simple-to-use cloud-based vehicle management portal.

We have been designing and manufacturing our unique telematics platform for over 25 years. We have strategic alliances with many vehicle systems partners, enabling us to deliver genuinely integrated “Fleet Intelligence” solutions.

Our team of in-house dedicated engineers develops every aspect of our solutions, providing us with the flexibility to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.

Our Service Delivery team helps customers navigate the challenges of implementing a telematics system. We offer fully managed service options to ensure our customers obtain the maximum return from their investment.

We also offer Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) solutions, enabling manufacturers to factory fit vehicle hardware to increase first time warranty fix rates and upsell telematics services to their customer base.

Whether you are looking for a simple-to-use vehicle tracking system or a fully integrated driver-behaviour, tachograph download and live camera system, we have solutions to meet every type of operation and budget. Our integrated telematics solutions provide the fleet intelligence to help you reduce costs, stay compliant and minimise your impact on the environment.

CMS SupaTrak works on many initiatives, including the Optimised Waste & Logistics (OWL) Partnership, the Westminster Commission for Road Air Quality (WCRAQ) and the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (PACTS).