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Driving improvements in road safety
Helping operators improve compliance
Reducing fuel and C02 emissions
Helping you reduce your costs

CMS SupaTrak were instrumental in setting up the Optimised Waste & Logistics partnership, known as OWL. CMS now manage the partnership and run the OWL events programme.

OWL brings together suppliers from the waste, transport and logistics industries to develop products and services that are truly integrated.

As individual organisations OWL partners are specialists in their field and already successfully supply stand-alone products. By working in partnership with each other, and with professional organisations such as FORS, CILT, CIWM and Aquarius, OWL is leading the way in both the development of fully-integrated solutions and driving up standards of safety and compliance.

Expert Endorsement

Barry Sheerman MP Chairman of OWL

Barry Sheerman MP OWL Chairman

In 2017 OWL appointed Barry Sheerman, MP as Chairman. Barry has a long career working in road safety and currently chairs the Global Network for Road Safety Legislators