Engine Optimisation

Do you and your engines a favour – and optimise the engine map.

Vehicle manufacturers will often use the same engine for many different types of vehicles resulting in engines often not optimised for the purpose the vehicle was designed for. This can lead to reduced fuel and carbon efficiency – as well as making them difficult to drive.

Our EcoMap software uses telemetry data to remap the engine and to configure it for its true purpose. Vehicle manufacturers such as Dennis Eagle endorse this software and offer it to customers as part of their Fuel Saver Pack.

Customers using EcoMap software typically report that they reduce fuel costs by around 5%, but they’re just as excited about the increased torque and driveability it brings.

When you work with CMS on an engine optimisation programme you will have the option of purchasing a third party drivetrain warranty that will give you peace of mind.

Engine optimisation
Reduce fuel consumption and CO2
Optimise engine map to suit your type of work
Increase driveability
Factory-fitted by OEMs
Optional drivetrain warranty
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