Driver Behaviour

Helping drivers drive better – what’s not to like?

Smart driving cuts fuel usage, pushes down accident risk, reduces insurance premiums, causes less wear and tear on your vehicles – and keeps you compliant. We all like that.

But there’s more than one reason for managing your staff’s driving habits.

For a start, we’ve found that when drivers’ behaviour is actively managed, their whole approach to driving changes for the better.

CMS software connects to the vehicle’s engine management system and captures CAN bus data, which is used for in-cab feedback and driver performance reports. Once we’ve trained your drivers in working with our in-cab feedback system, which is tailored to your company’s standards, you’ll find they take a far more consistent and measured approach to their driving. So the rate of emergency stops and near misses plummets. As do their stress levels. Almost straight away you’ve got fewer accidents – and healthier drivers.

But the benefits extend way beyond that. Take your fleet. Vehicles that are driven better last longer. Vehicles that are poorly driven suffer from excess wear and tear, and tend to need a lot of maintenance. As soon as a driver starts responding to in-cab feedback, those costs start falling away. And because the new way of driving is highly fuel-efficient, your fuel costs fall with them.

Reduced insurance premiums

Of course, fewer accidents can also translate into lower insurance premiums. Our real-time and historic management reports use insurance standard RAG status coding to show you how your drivers are performing.

Insurance underwriters and brokers really like our data, and will use the information gathered on your drivers’ performance to set fair and accurate premiums. Reports can even be automatically generated and delivered direct to your insurance underwriter, to prove your fleet’s current performance.

Many customers have told us that by demonstrating that their drivers are well trained and monitored they’ve seen insurance premiums fall significantly. Of course, despite the fact that the in-cab system teaches them to learn from any mistakes, there will always be some drivers who continue to break the driving standards their employers set. If that happens to you, we have a range of training and coaching options that can help. Click here to find out more.

But CMS isn’t just about pushing up performance and driving down risk and cost. It’s also about being joined up and doing the right thing.

So from integrating with tachographs to carrying out online driver licence checks, CMS gives you all you need to achieve a harmonised driver risk management programme. It also helps protect your operator’s licence. And of course your reputation. While your fleet’s performance goes up, and the bills come down.

As we said, what’s not to like?

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