Connected Fleet Specialists

We’ve been leading the way in connected fleet management software for more than 20 years.

We design and produce our own highly intelligent, integrated software and products that manage and improve driver behaviour, reduce accident rates, increase efficiency and cut costs for our customers.

From our headquarters in Swindon, UK, our team of 40 specialists work closely with our customers across the UK and mainland Europe.

Our in-house teams design our products and then fully manage them for each customer, allowing fleet managers to keep the costs and headaches of the job to a minimum. Without even having to think about it.

And of course, insurance companies love us. By managing driver behaviour, we reduce their exposure to claims – which makes sure fleets remain insurable, and pushes premiums right down.

We’re also quietly proud that our unique personalised services are also having a wider impact on our environment and on society itself.

By promoting safer driver behaviour, we’re making Europe’s roads safer places for everyone, with fewer accident casualties and lower CO2 emissions.

And this might surprise you, but many customers tell us their drivers love CMS too. They look forward to the weekly data that proves they’re as good as they think they are.

If it sounds like a win-win for everyone, that’s because it is.

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