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Our safety camera technology saves lives and crash reconstruction technology helps to mitigate insurance claims.

As a fleet operator, you know how vital it is to be able to see right around an entire vehicle, to record images – and to spot safety issues straight away.

The CMS Live Safety Camera System is modular and can be deployed as a single forward-facing crash camera or an all-round camera system.

All-round camera system

Our all round camera system features live cameras that cover forward, nearside, offside and rear vision. We also provide driver-facing cameras for display inside the cab which can be remotely monitored live, via your SupaTrak system.

Videos are recorded and available for streaming for up to one month from the vehicle.

Real-time crash reporting and recording

When a road traffic accident involves serious injury, the emergency services say that what happens in the first hour after the crash, the Golden Hour, is crucial in determining the outcome for casualties.

Our real-time software automatically alerts the FNOL (first notification of loss) call centre who, if appropriate, will alert the emergency services.

We supply real-time crash reconstruction telematics data, which can include fully integrated video footage, to the FNOL centre to help with crash reconstruction.

Our software is good and has a reputation for being reliable. It removes the pain of false positives, when drivers are alerted to a non-existent incident.

CMS is committed to improving safety on our roads which is why we are working with Loughborough University on our IRIS Project.

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