Vehicle overload protection system with real-time alerts

axle weight limit signAccording to the RAC there are more than 1.2 million vehicles on UK roads that are exceeding their maximum weight limits.

And worringly almost 50% of UK businesses do not monitor the weights of their company vehicles, while 53% of drivers are unaware of their vehicle’s maximum load carrying capacity.

In an age when you can turn up your heating and close your curtains from your smartphone, you have to ask why?

Technology now allows a vehicle’s load to be monitored instantly, so not knowing the loaded weight is absolutely no excuse.

Overloaded vehicles are dangerous and have the potential to kill.  Insurance is invalidated too, and wear and tear on tyres and the vehicle is increased.

At CMS we offer an overload protection system as part of our vehicle telematics.  VOPS™ 2, by VWS, is an award-winning product that gives real-time overload alerts.  So not only is the driver alerted to an overload, a safety warning is sent to the fleet manager too.

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