Overload protection system with real-time alerts

It’s a shocking statistic that nearly half of the vans being driver on UK roads are overloaded.  Not only does this make them illegal, invalidating insurance and causing damage to the vehicle –  but there’s a fair chance that an overloaded vehicle can contribute to a fatal accident.

And not knowing that your load is too heavy is no defence.

We have partnered with VWS (Vehicle Weighing Solutions) and now offer their VOPS™ 2 overload protection system as part of our telematics system.

VOPS™ 2 not only gives drivers in-cab warnings, it gives fleet managers live, real-time safety warnings to stop overloading, before it causes a problem.

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Overload protection van on motorway
VWS Vehicle Overload Protection Systems (VOPS™ 2)
Supports most vehicle types
In-cab and remote alerts