Our e-learning courses are triggered when drivers drive badly. So if a driver gets points on a licence, is shown to be exceeding speed limits or braking too heavily, our e-learning courses will be automatically triggered.

These simple but effective courses can be delivered direct to the driver on a mobile device or PC. The records of all e-learning undertaken, driver-by-driver, are stored in your account, so you can produce evidence of a driver’s training history should you need to.

Vehicle specific training

Our customers tell us that what they find so useful about CMS training is that it’s tailored exactly to their needs. We can put together vehicle-specific training videos so you can train your drivers in the use of your specific vehicles easily and cost effectively.


Your data will show you, and us, how effectively your staff are driving. Our in-house training team, led by Tammy Catt, can put together a training programme that is specifically tailored to your vehicles and your needs. This might, for instance, be an eco-coaching programme to show staff the effect that acceleration and braking have on MPG. Or it could demonstrate how devastating the impact of a two-second distraction can turn out to be.

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